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He is a champ 3 years ago
This niggas a fuckin champion. Cums and doesn’t say a word and keeps going.
Lol 3 years ago
Cums and then keeps going. What a madlad
Hamko 3 years ago
Best video i ever seen in my life
3 years ago
So she got pregnant?
3 years ago
Squirting is just peeing. Facts.
His name 3 years ago
Wow wow wow! I’m old with the squirting too, but that ass now! That ass and heels shittttt. She literally was standing on her feet riding that dick! That’s some wifey shit. Lol
Ernest 3 years ago
Its hard NOT to bust fast when u have the view of an ass like that. Just stick it back in, you stay hard
Steve 3 years ago
Out standing
3 years ago
Omg this reminds me of my ex damn what life would had been if sex were like that with her....
Body 5/5
G baby 3 years ago
Really real