He didn't want to bust quick, but i was too hard to stay in her pussy!: Watch porn videos

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Nosky 4 years ago
Her pussy is too dry,
These comments lmao 4 years ago
Clearly there are a bunch of virgins here. Just because you see dry ass vaginal cream does not mean yeast infection. Stop copying what other niggas saying on here. Pwassy IS dry as fuck though. Not sure how he got his dick in it, let alone how he managed to stay in it without becoming chafed. And for the record, she very well could have a yeast infection. The fuck do I know? I aint a doctor. And neither are you niggas.
4 years ago
Her pussy has a yeast infection
4 years ago
Just use a condom if you gotta stop her every 20 seconds
Horny mf 4 years ago
I still nutted cause the ass was fat ️ ️
SoCal 4 years ago
Couple issues with this vid. 1 and most important: that pussy stupid dry, either she sick or she aint feeling bro like that. 2: bro wearing a fucking ninja long sleeve workout thermal with the thumb holes cut out im in real tears. 3: i would have made multiple videos eating that pretty pussy so either he know she sick or im missing something lol either way though that ass crazy fat and that pussy stupid dry but, nonetheless i still beat my meat hahaha
4 years ago
Drink more water
Pama 4 years ago
The pussy has candida disgusting
4 years ago
She has a fucking yeast infection with her dry ass pussy
Sahara 4 years ago
Wow her pussy was hella dry. I would hate to see him in some pussy that’s actually wet and gushy